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The departments within casting are core-making, die-casting, cutting/ de-coring and casting control. Our core-making department works according to the hot box process and includes a modern fully-automatic machine and a semi-automatic machine for strip. The core-shooting machines are fed by a fully automatic core sand mixing and distribution system. When required we face the cores to withstand thermal stress.


Die-casting is divided into low pressure and gravity casting. Our castings are decored in our fully automatic Wheelaborator blasting machine.To speed up the decomposition of the core we have the option of heating the castings in two heating chambers. After this the gates and the sink heads are removed in the cutting plant and then returned to the melting process.


Our casting control checks the parts for optical defects and then forwards them for further processing.



  • General casting data:

  • Casting force: 150t/m
  • Max casting force: 250t/m
  • Batch sizes: 50 - 25000 pcs
  • Max weight of castings: 10kg
  • Alloys:

  • Ms60
  • Ms63
  • Ms60 LL (lead-free with bismuth)
  • Ms60 lead-free (max. 0,20% lead)


Technical data:

Sand mixing machine:
Manufacturer No. Type Mixing force/h Hardener system / Binder system Release agent Dosing quantity Charging KSM Control system
Klein 1 Statormix ca. 1,8t/h 3 1 fully automatic fully automatic Siemens S5



Core shooting machine:
Manufacturer No. Capacity filling cylinder Corebox dimensions Drive Clamping force Heating power Operating Voltage Control system
V+S - fully automatic 6 5 ltr. 500 x 250 hydraulic 2800 N 2 x 9 KW 380V
Siemens S5/S7
V+S - fully automatic 1 5 ltr.   hydraulic 1900 N 2 x 6 KW 380V
Siemens S5



Casting machine:
Manufacturer No. Casting process Station/Manipulator Die size Drive Heating chamber Charging Control system
IMR - casting machine 3 Low pressure 2 Ø 500 (rotating) hydraulic 1,5 t fully automatic Siemens S5/S7
IMR - casting machine 1 Low pressure 1 Ø 500 (rotating) hydraulic 1,2 t fully automatic Siemens S5
IMR - C40 4 Gravity 1 250 x 170 (rotating) hydraulic 800 kg manual Siemens S5
Manual casting station 1 Gravity - 250 x 170 (manual) - 800 kg manual -